Technological innovation and fine craftsmanship.

Moonlight is one of the new kitchens presented in Cologne fair:

a highly prestigious, elegant and refined range that combines the values of the luxury wood craftsmanship tradition with the most innovative results of technological research. It represents a solution with an impressive aspect that also meets our desire to tackle, on those special occasions, haute cuisine, benefitting from the kitchen’s highly professional and technical elements.


Moonlight is a solution marked by the desire to surround ourselves with highly distinguished elements, with a unique expressive value, as precious and inimitable as only an objet d’art can be.


It is dedicated to those with a vision of home decor based on a passion for beauty with original allure and eternal modernity. The timeless elegance of Moonlight can satisfy all the many and different situations that arise in our homes: an elegance that is always perfectly at ease.

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Moonlight is a design that interprets two different aspects at the same time:


  • it is a kitchen-laboratory, with a technical and practical character;
  • it is a spectacular kitchen, which guarantees elegance, refinement and high quality furnishings.

The vanishing doors, which open and close on functional units, radically transform the home image, lending themselves, depending on the occasion, to the elegance of fine, orderly objects

or the vibrancy of convivial moments.

Moonlight, an exclusive flavour for every day.

Each area of the kitchen meets a specific function; there is the part devoted to food preparation, to cooking, to washing and to refrigeration, all rationally organised and based on ergonomics.


These units, which can be completed with

specific storage containers, are developed

within a thick yet refined “frame”, in which the glass doors that fold away vanish and which, when not in use, discreetly hide the cooker from sight.

The kitchen offers mobile parts that can transform the layout and modify its use.


The wall mounted larder units come with a mechanism which, by simply pressing a button, brings them out and down, allowing for easy access to all their contents, without having to stand on a step ladder or a chair!


The base units are mounted on wheels,

so that they can be extracted to create

a practical additional worktop.



Moonlight comes with an ebony finish, a precious, valuable wood.

It has been selected for the intrinsic values of a wood that guarantees an impressive quality and much more importantly, long lasting inalterability.


Moonlight is a kitchen designed to last, and it is completely reliable, solid and sound, sophisticated and elegant. Even the wood, therefore, should have these properties, and its charm must persist throughout our experiences and represent a meaningful presence.


Of all the possible choices, ebony is the wood species that best meets these needs.


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